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Viva esse Forró 2018    en détails

2018, notre second festival, un nouveau rêve    éveillé...

Grâce à    tous les participants bien sur, mais aussi grâce     à    tous les artistes ci-dessous

qui nous ont fait l'honneur d’être     parmi nous.  

C’était    "TOPPPEEEE"

So... merci, thank you, obrigada!


"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" (J. Lennon).

We cannot express how grateful we are. Sometimes words aren't enough to express feelings.
We couldn't believe our luck last year with he 1st edition.

So many of you that trusted us, it was unbelievable.
And there you are, this year again. This means the world to us.

So thank you, first of all to all the participants.  Without you, this wouldnt be.

Thank you for trusting our work, thank you for coming all the way to Nice to meet us and dance with us.

I am sure we can still improve things but you have to know that every step

of that festival was built thinking of you and your well being. 
We hope we havent disappointed you,

we hope we made you smile and helped you living wonderful moments.

Moment that were surely created as well thanks to the musiciens.

Thanks to Forro Garrig (with Elsa, Vanessa, Jerome and Italo), Fabiano Santana, Diego Oliveira and Forro Ducana (with Joao and Victor), we all lived magical moments.

Your music, your energy, your talent and passion were incredible to witness and to feel.

Thank you for accepting to come here and for those incredible shows.

Let's not forget the DJ, James Lima - as well as Arnaud Cohen (from Paris) on Sunday night - the music was just perfect for everyone to enjoy, from roots to universitario and with some originals songs,

you put everyone together, well done and thank you for being here too.

He was our saver, doing an amazing job during the whole festival when it came to sound check, and kept smiling all the way, on top of taking pictures and recording movies,

Wallison, you have been amazing, thank you. 
Thank you to the gracious Marta too for helping with the pictures
and therefore saving precious moment.

Alexandra, Cleiton, Rafael, Tiago, Renato, Marilia, Claudel, Vanessa, Italo...

Teachers yes, but not just. Those are people who travel the world to transmit their knowledge, and who take pride when they see you improving your dance moves. They are like a smile distributor, how nice.

Thank you for accepting our invitation, for teaching yes, but for teaching with so much care and passion.

You were a super team to have (TOPPPPPPEEEE kkk).
Thank you as well to Sarah and Martina for your help.

A special thank you for a person who's been part of "my" forro world from the very beginning.

He is a fabulous dancer, a skillful teacher, a musician full of energy and the father of Nayala. 
Anax, thank you for all your help with the festival and even more importantly,

thank you for your presence, it means a lot.

The "Forro de Nice" team definitely shouldn't be forgotten. I said it last year, I will always do,

your are the most beautiful gift of our story here in Nice.

Your devotion, your kindness move me like you have no idea. We are so proud to have you next to us.

Thank you for everything you helped with this year again.

She is the one that came up with the idea of having our own song.

She started last year, made another one this year. And when I see people dancing on it, singing,

I m so proud of you, Alexandra Geghardt, so grateful as well. Every of the words you sing mean so much more to us...

Nina, my childish friend, my partner in crime, thank you for trusting my crazy dreams and helping me realizing them. Without you, none of that would have ever happened.

In short, all of you together, you are the best reward I could ever dream of related to my forro experience. So again, MERCI.

We received so much love this weekend, its the best drug ever. We are addict. So we might do it all again next year. 

Les profs de l' édition 2018!   

Tiago  Moraes

Marilia  Cervi

Alexandra  S.

Cleiton Lima


Anax Caracol



Et il y aura aussi...

deux profs "surprise"!

Venus directement du Brésil,

l'un est en Europe le temps

d'une tournée    de 2 mois... 

L'autre va passer quelques mois a Marseille.

Nous sommes super impatients de les avoir parmi nous!



En plus du forro, vous aurez la possibilité    de vous initier au "Zouk Brésilien" 

  avec Tiago Moraes - présenté    ci-dessus - mais aussi déjà 

à    la "Samba" avec Claudel Bertili, un professeur de la région dont l’énergie 

  n'a pas d’égale     et avec un immense sourire contagieux,

ou encore au   " Maracatu"  (instrument de musique brésilien) avec

le maestro Italo accompagné    de la jolie Vanessa. 

Alors soyez curieux, venez les découvrir, danser et vivre.


Les groupes de 2018!


Forro Garrig est un groupe bipolaire constitué    

d'un noyau de sudeste de la France,

porté    par des percussions du    nordeste du Brésil.

C'est la rencontre grace au "Forro de Nice" de musiciens aux influences diverses réunis    autour des rythmes brésiliens, un melange de standards du forro et de compositions du groupe.

Un résultat    détonant!

Thursday 25


22h - 23h30

At "Latino Son"

Friday 26


& Guests


22h - 3h

At "Forum Jorge Francois"


22h30 - 3h30

At "Forum Jorge Francois"

Saturday 27


& Guests

Sunday 28



21h - 00h30

At "L'entre-Pont"

And ATER PARTY with DJ until the sunset 

At "Le Cuba Libre"

IMG_9648 (1).JPG


James Lima!

All the way from Italy

(but originally from Brazil of course!),

the unique James Lima who has performed

alongside the greatest  bands such as

Ponto de Equilíbrio, Trio Virgulino, Dona Zefa, Trio Nordestino, Pífanos de Caruaru

and also with musicians and artists such as

B. Negão, Emicida, Nereu Mocotó, Duani,

Rapadura Xique Chico, DJ Nyack, DJ Sticky Dojah, DJ Negralha, DJ Sampa, MOS Crew, Mestrinho, Sandro Haick, Dió de Araújo

among other personalities of the musical universe.

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