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Ils vont vous faire danser,   vous êtes   prêts?

Parce que finalement, que vous fassiez les cours, que vous vous baladiez    toute la   journée  ou que vous profitiez des plages de la région, vous avez tous la meme envie...

Danser toute la nuit!

Alors nous avons invités des artistes tous plus talentueux les uns que les autres et voici le programme qui vous attend...

Les groupes de 2019!

Thursday    10/10

Léo Correa & guests

"On se promène dans les différentes expressions

culturelles et traditionnelles du Brésil.

Léo Corrêa, de São Paulo, vient accompagné

de son Violon "Rabeca" qui vous transportera dans les terres chaleureuses du Nord-Est du Brésil.

Le groupe aborde un répertoire dynamique et très dansant avec des rythmes comme le Forró, Coco, Ciranda, Cavalo Marinho, Maracatu…"

Friday    11/10

Zeu Azevedo & guests

Zeu has also been considered to be one of the ambassadors of forró

(music from the North-East of Brazil) in Europe,

after playing in the Brazilian Day 2015 and 2016

and Brazil Junino 2017 events organised

by the Brazilian Embassy in London.

 He began his career at the age of 5, influenced by his father, Cidinho Azevedo, also a musician and songwriter and    today has over 100 compositions to his name,

many of them written in English.

He moved to London from Brazil in 2002 and since then has worked regularly in Clubs, Festivals in Europe.



Brazilian singer, songwriter and accordionist Zeu Azevedo 37 is the composer of the forro song “What you gonna do?”

He also was featured in the song “I love you so” by Forrodeka and both songs has been played

and peformed by forro teachers, djs and forro fans all over the world. 

As well as Brazil and the UK Zeu has performed in numerous countries around the world,

including Sweden, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Wales,

Ireland, Austria, Portugal, France, Belgium and Dubai in the UAE.

A multi-award winner, he includes the Revelation Trophy, Forro Itaúnas (2010) from Brazil as well as winning the Brazilian Grammy Award as the best Brazilian singer in London and was awarded the Lukas Awards as "

Revelation Mundo Latino" in 2012 and musician of the year by the Iternational Press Awards in 2017.

Saturday    12/10

Forro de Ka

The band Forró de KA has been livening dance floors across Europe with its distinguishable sound for the past six years; enough time to allow the ensemble’s passion for music to unmistakably bind its name to the fusion of different rhythms and languages.
The name ‘Forró de KA’ is a play on the abbreviation of the German city, Karlsruhe (KA), the band’s hometown, and the sound of the word cá, in Portuguese, which is a way to say here.
Breaking barriers is one of the band’s major characteristics, noticeable in its quest for a language and

expression of its own, where tradition and innovation merge in a harmonic dialogue.

The group’s uniqueness and creativity is most apparent when, in addition to the classic Forró pé-de-serra,

their own compositions take the center of the stage, pushing the setlist beyond the expected by adapting a variety of famous international composition to forró.  

Forró de KA has brought its enthusiasm and music to several festivals,

such as the Forró festivals of Aachen, Dublin, Freiburg, Lisbon, Novosibirski, Porto, Stuttgart and Weggis

as well as ‘Tollwood Festival’ in Munich, ‘Festival of African Culture’ in Frankfurt, ‘Festival of People´s Understanding’ and ‘Das Fest’ in Karlsruhe,

not to mention concerts in Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, London, Geneva, Vienna and Zurich.
Praised both by the public and by specialized jury the band was awarded in April 2018 with the first prize and the second general place at the International Open Accordion Competition

in the category World Music Band in Trossingen (Germany).
In the Summer of 2017, Forró de KA proudly released its first album called ‚Revolution’.

Sunday    13/10

Forro d'Antan

Their very eclectic musical training and experience create a very interesting dynamic in this band with

an original concept in french.

With them you will jump into the past.

They reprise famous french songs and recast them in a very modern and new Way of Forro.

They also play songs written and composed by the singer and readapted in a Forro energy by all the musicians. Forro d’Antan will make you dance all night long,

so don’t miss them!



When an hispanic guitare Quino Mallen, meets a Poetic violin Marie with jazz and Classical backgrouds, but also a kind of Manouche voice inspired by rock and pop musik at first Alexandra Gebhardt, and a very elegant four string bass guitarist Olivier Brouissier, real child of the rock and even heavy metal and a wonderful duo of percussionnist Vanessa from Belgium and Italo from Brazil, who have been working on several ways to share the depth

of the nord est brazilian culture, in the south of France since severals years,

well it makes Forro d’Antan!

Les DJs de 2019!

DJ Swingueiro

DJ Gringodoforro